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"Zuregurex, who would seek to claim His prize:
Your storm-strewn dead shall not avail your flight."
— The Prophecies of Ahmon-Ibor[1]

Zuregurex is a tanar'ri demon lord and ruler of Guttlevetch, the 480th layer of the Abyss. He is the Abyssal patron of storms and the drowned dead.[2]

Zuregurex's minions include undead and demonically-fused air elementals.


Following the imprisonment of Fraz-Urb'luu by a mad human archmage over two hundred years ago, Demogorgon attacked that demon prince's realm, Hollow's Heart, and captured fully half of it.

Zuregurex took this opportunity to lead an assault on Demogorgon's undefended realm, the vast and coveted waters of the Gaping Maw, marching on the capital of Lemoriax and battering the gates of the fortress of Ungorth Reddik. Demogorgon was forced to abandon his conquest of Hollow Heart and return to defend his realm.

Outraged that Zuregurex had attacked his home and cost him the conquest of Hollow's Heart, Demogorgon slaughtered Zuregurex's forces, pursued him back to his home realm of Guttlevetch, and destroyed that realm. Zuregurex escaped and fled to the Scalding Sea, the 245th layer of the Abyss.

Zuregurex has since begun plans to rebuild Guttlevetch in secret.[2]

Publication history[]

Zuregurex appears in the article Dragon #357 (Jul 2007), p.24-25.

He and his realm were omitted from the D&D 4th edition Demonomicon (2010), p.80.


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