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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the zombie is an undead creature, usually created by applying a template to another creature.

Variant zombies[]

  • Bloodthirsty zombie - drains blood with its bite.
  • Corpse ceature - a zombie that retains knowledge and skills it possessed in life.
  • Death Tyrant - Zombie beholders which possess some of their deadly abilities.
  • Diseased zombie - carries a disease known as filth fever.
  • Fast zombie - moves much faster and can act more quickly than a standard zombie.
  • Hunting zombie - tracks prey by scent.
  • Juju zombie - free-willed, sentient zombies often created from powerful curses or other fell magics.
  • Necrocarnum zombie - animated with the warped form of soul energy known as necrocarnum. They physically resemble a traditional zombie, but are cruel, cunning, and quick.
  • Tyrantfog zombie - Priests of evil deities slain by rival deities or their servants. They spread disease and are surrounded by a sickening fog cloud. Originated in the Forgotten Realms.
  • Unkillable zombie - tougher zombies that rapidly repair injuries.
  • Zombie dragon - created from dragons and retains some of their deadly abilities.

Animal zombies[]

Animals as well as humanoids can be turned into undead, most commonly a zombie. Zombie animals look like the animal they were in life only with rotting, falling off flesh (some are completely skeletal), and are completely feral and mindless creatures which stalk around, searching for flesh. Zombified horses are sometimes employed by humanoid zombies to act as mounts. They cannot speak, and are neutral evil in alignment.