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A zombie

Zombies in D&D are some of the most basic servants of necromancers, retaining strength and integrity that skeletons lack, but being slower and more stiff. Zombies instinctively hunt down and attack living beings, and are relentlessly persistent, pursuing the living wherever they may hide.

Zombie Types:[]

Undead Zombie(magic):[]

Chaos Zombie:[]

As the name implies, these zombies cannot be controlled in any way. Either a Demon, God or Curse makes them. The only way to kill them is to destroy the head.

Zombie Servants:[]

These zombies are created via the Undead Servant spell and can be controlled by the caster. To kill them, you have to stop the flow of magic to the zombie, or kill the caster. However, remember the zombie could have evolved to have its own supply of magic, so destroying its head and/or burning it is advised. And for those thinking that a zombie servant is worth making, remember that you could lose control if they get an internal source of magic.

Biological Zombie:[]

The Biological Zombie is a type of living zombie (think rabies multiplied to the extreme). Out of all the zombie types, these are the easiest to kill, as they only have increased resistance from external factors. So do enough damage to the body, or starve them, and they'll die. Unlike the magic type zombies that will stay as they were when made, biological zombies tend to mutate. As well as require careful disposal, otherwise the virus, parasite or chemical will calm more victims.

General Information[]

All zombie types can become a plague on the world they inhabit. As they crave endless amounts of flesh and are mostly mindless in their pursuit of flesh. For the magic based zombies, time can be your friend, as they will dry out slowing their movements. However, unless you hunt them all down, the zombie plague will return, so long as there is magic to power them. The Biological Zombie is the real problem, as they will gain some intelligence over time, and if they mutate to breed, no time will help you. However, given they can be killed if enough damage is done to them, your environment could help keep them at bay. Though only until they adapt to the environment, so it would be a good idea to make a vaccine and go hunting.


Zombies can be created using Animate Dead on a creature's remains. Zombies animated in this way rot very quickly, consuming some portion of the body's flesh and organs to power the necromantic rite.

Original D&D[]

Appeared originally in Monsters & Treasure. Skeletons can be created with the Animate Dead spell.

  • Number Appearing 3d10
  • Armor Class 8
  • Move 6"
  • Hit Dice 1

These creatures are animated by magic-users and anti-clerics. Zombiesare usually only found near graveyards, forsaken places, and dungeons, though they may also be assigned to guard some item. They do not check morale.