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A zombie

Zombies in D&D are some of the most basic servants of necromancers, retaining a strength and integrity that skeletons lack, but being slower and more stiff. Zombies instinctively hunt down and attack living beings, and are relentlessly persistent, purusing the living wherever they may hide.

Plague Zombie

Some zombies carry the means for their own propogation within them -- being bitten or wounded by these plague zombies causes those iinfected to gradually weaken and die, becoming a zombie themselves after death, and turning on any living creatures in their vacinity.

Zombie Servants

Zombie servants can be created that are similar to other zombies, but lack an innate hunger for life. These zombies are seen more as tools and slaves than as flesh-hungry undead monsters, though even these zombies occasionally become uncontrolled and dangerous.

Such zombie servants may be created via the Undead Servant spell.


Zombies can be created using Animate Dead on a creature's remains. Zombies animated in this way rot very quickly, consuming some portion of the body's flesh and organs to power the necromantic rite.

Original D&D

Appeared originally in Monsters & Treasure. Skeletons can be created with the Animate Dead spell.

  • Number Appearing 3d10
  • Armor Class 8
  • Move 6"
  • Hit Dice 1

These creatures are animated by magic-users and anti-clerics. Zombiesare usually only found near graveyards, forsaken places, and dungeons, though they may also be assigned to guard some item. They do not check morale.