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Zhengyi the Witch-King was a Red Wizard turned lich from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. He was central to the Bloodstone Pass storyline (H1 Bloodstone Pass (1985), H2 The Mines of Bloodstone (1986), H3 The Bloodstone Wars (1987), and H4 The Throne of Bloodstone (1988)).

Zhengyi was a Red Wizard of Thay, but later became an enormously powerful lich and servant of the demon prince Orcus. In the far north of Vaasa, Zhengyi raised a fortress called Castle Perilous and summoned the various monsters of the lands to him. Building a huge army, he repeatedly attacked the kingdom of Damara over the next twelve years, killing its king and ruining the land. He was finally destroyed by a party of adventurers led by the paladin Gareth Dragonsbane.

The Witch-King hoarded many magical items during its existence, and after its destruction many of these items were discovered by determined looters. The items were often cursed and quite powerful, plaguing the lands of Vaasa and Damara for years afterwards.