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A yeti

Yetis are hulking, savage, bestial humanoids. Reclusive in the extreme, they are found only on high mountaintops, and they rarely let those who see them live to report the event. They possess an eerie howl and an ability to root potential prey in place with fear.

Physical Appearance[]

Yetis stand about 8 feet tall and weigh 400 pounds. Their powerful bodies are covered in long, white fur. Their hands and feet are wide and flat, helping to disperse their weight on treacherous snowfields. They travel on all fours like gorillas, but fight very comfortably standing erect. Their eyes are icy blue or colorless, while their claws and flesh are ivory white. Rather than relying on a thick layer of body fat for warmth, the yeti has thick, warm fur that absorbs heat to keep the creature warm. A transparent extra eyelid allows the yeti to see clearly in blowing snow.


Yetis practice ambush, lying and waiting for long periods of time, nearly covered in snow, and blending in well in the icy environment. When prey passes nearby, the creature bursts out of a snowmound and hurls itself at its victim, looking it directly in the eyes if possible. The gaze of a yeti is said to paralyze prey with fear, and, once paralyzed, the yeti frequently grabs the prey and begins to rend at it and strangle it, as it does little to resist. A yeti's fur deals cold damage on contact as it absorbs heat, and it is thick enough to protect the creature from cold, but the creature is vulnerable to fire, as the fur quickly lights and the yeti's skin burns easily.

Mental Outlook[]

Yetis are barely intelligent, making no tools or clothing, usually preferring its savage claws and thick fur. In the harsh environments it calls home, there is little to concern it aside from mating and eating, and it has little ambition beyond that.


Yeti families are lead by the biggest and strongest, frequently powerful young males (and perhaps several of his mates). Yetis have no society to speak of, and so recognize no king or baron.

Enemies and Allies[]

Yetis have little need of either. Though they will occasionally be pressed into service as dumb muscle by more powerful creatures that reside where they live (such as frost giants, white dragons, or other intelligent, powerful creatures of the icy mountain peaks), they are more frequently left to their own devices, and simply allowed to feed on intruders who come near.

Ambominable Yeti[]

Some yetis grow tremendous and menace entire mountain ranges by themselves.