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The Worm Realm is the 399th layer of the Abyss.

This layer is a dangerous realm of endless twisting tunnels through earth. The tunnels and caverns here are prone to frequent collapse. Visitors are at risk of being crushed in a cave-in, suffocation, or poison, with a rotting disease eventually infecting those who inhabit the plane for too long.

This layer is ruled by the deity Urdlen, mole-god of evil gnomes.[1] Sacrifices made to Urdlen are believed to guard visitors against the realms dangers.[2]

In addition to the petitioner souls of gnomish worshipers of Urdlen, the Worm Realm's inhabitants include manes, purple worms, hezrou demons and umber hulks. Many are infected with the plane's disease, causing horrid fungal growths which slowly destroy their bodies.[3]


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