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Returns the caster to a designated sanctuary.

Original D&D[]

The spell is introduced in Supplement I: Greyhawk as a cleric spell. Anti-clerics can also use it.

  • Spell Level 6

Before casting, the caster must designate a Sanctuary to which this spell is linked. When cast, the spell teleports the caster back to the sanctuary, without failure. Designating a sanctuary isn't a simple process to be performed at will, but it can be changed if circumstances force it.


Word of Recall[]

Debuted in the Player's Handbook as a cleric spell.

Level: 6 School: Alteration
Components: V
Range: 0 Casting Time: 1 segment
Duration: Instant Saving Throw: None
Target: The Caster, plus 250 GP weight per level

Before casting this spell, the caster must prepare an area to be used as a sanctuary -- a place well-known to the caster. Once the spell is cast (with a simple word), the caster and up to 250 GP in weight per level is teleported back to their sanctuary instantly, and without error, regardless of the distance.

DM's Advice: If the Sanctuary is on a different plane from the caster, there is a 10% per plane (cumulative) chance that the cleric is lost in the intervening astral or ethereal space.