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Wolverine scene

Wolverines are tough, resilient, often angry little creatures, that don't take kindly to others in their territory, around their dens, or near their food. Aggressive and bold, they show little fear for creatures evne much larger than themselves, using their crushing jaws and strong, burrowing paws to bring them down.

In D&D, this category includes creatures like badgers, and other similar creatures. They are close relatives of the weasels.


Wolverines fly into a rage when they attack, making them strong and durable for a short burst of time. They are able climbers, who can scurry up a tree to escape an enemy quickly. Their burrowing speed isn't useful in combat, but gives them large, muscular claws for their attack.


In the arctic lands in which they dwell, wolverines are prized for their warm, insulating pelts, that repel snow and water. They are omnivores, and will scavenge large meals, and hunt for small ones.

Dire Wolverine[]

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Bigger, meaniner, and hungrier than a normal wolverine, dire wolverines can menace large swaths of land -- or might be domesticated, to protect the lairs of halflings or gnomes .