Wizened elder

Wizened Elders are twisted, shrub-like relatives of treants who live in harsh, arctic climates. Stunted and cruel, a wizened elder can be a valuable source of information about the surrounding lands, or a nuisance best left alone.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Wizened elders resemble the shrubs or short trees that cling to existence at the edges of plant habitability. They are squat, and their branches often form tortured shapes, as if twisted by the bitter winter winds. Lichen and moss grows on the bark of these creatures, much like it does on real trees, and they cultivate this themselves.


Wizened elders are tough, resilient, and hardy, able to withstand most weapon attacks simply with their tough bark. They are also able to suddenly shoot their roots out of the ground, entangling creatures in them. Such tangling undergrowth parts for the wizened elder itself. They are especially resistant to cold, and, like many trees, vulnerable to fire. They are known to form alliances with other plant creatures, and some take up the ways of a druid, learning plant magic that helps them capture prey and ward off enemies.

Mental OutlookEdit

Wizened elders are bitter, cruel, angry little shrubs, as twisted and hard inside as they are out. Grouchy loners and complainers to the last, they prefer solitude and austere beauty. They prefer to watch and wait calmly, and being disturbed makes them furious.


Powerful wizened elders take levels of druid, becoming adept spellcasters.

Enemies and AlliesEdit

Wizened elders make few friends, and they tend to prefer it that way. Some especially hardy arctic herbivores, such as dire rhinoceroses, think nothing of devouring them, making wizened elders quite wary around such big creatures.