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The wizard is the primary spellcasting class in Dungeons & Dragons, capable of accessing the most powerful spells, and the greatest diversity of magic.

Original D&D: "Magic-User"[]

The magic-user is a class that uses spells and magic items to contribute to a party. Top-level magic users are noted as being the most powerful characters in the game, but they are fragile until high levels, requiring careful play to get to a high level.

Prime Requisite[]

Magic-users use Intelligence as their prime requisite. 2 points of Wisdom count as 1 point of Intelligence for magic-users.

Class Basics[]



Hit Dice To Hit AC 2 Spells per Day
1 Medium 1 17 1
2 Seer 1+1 17 2
3 Conjurer 2 17 3/1
4 Theurgist 2+1 17 4/2
5 Thaumaturgist 3 17 4/2/1
6 Magician 3+1 15 4/2/2
7 Enchanter 4 15 4/3/2/1
8 Warlock 5 15 4/3/3/2
9 Sorcerer 6+1 15 4/3/3/2/1
10 Necromancer 7 15 4/4/3/3/2
11+ Wizard 8+1 12 4/4/3/3/3

Magic Item Use[]

Magic-users can use all magic items, except the weapons and armor of fighters. Magic-users may use daggers only.

Item Creation[]

At 11th level ("Wizard"), magic-users can create potions, scrolls, and other magic items (cost and time to craft vary with the value of the item). For example:

Item GP Cost Time Cost
Scroll of Spells 100 GP per spell level for each spell 1 week per spell level for each spell
Potion of Healing 250 GP 1 week
Potion of Giant Strength 1,000 GP 4 weeks
20 Enchanted Arrows 1,000 GP 4 weeks
+1 Armor 2,000 GP

2 months

Wand of Cold 10,000 GP 6 months
X-Ray Vision Ring 50,000 GP 1 year

Spell Research[]

A wizard can develop new spells of a level equal to or lower than the level of spell they can cast. Doing so takes the following investment, with the percentages indicating a percent chance of success when spending that amount of GP:

Level 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Time
1 2,000 GP 4,000 GP 6,000 GP 8,000 GP 10,000 GP 1 Week
2 4,000 GP 8,000 GP 12,000 GP 16,000 GP 20,000 GP 2 Weeks
3 8,000 GP 16,000 GP 24,000 GP 32,000 GP 40,000 GP 3 Weeks
4 16,000 GP 32,000 GP 48,000 GP 64,000 GP 80,000 GP 4 Weeks
5 32,000 GP 64,000 GP 96,000 GP 128,000 GP 160,000 GP 5 Weeks
6 64,000 GP 128,000 GP 192,000 GP 256,000 GP 320,000 GP 6 Weeks

Spell List[]

1st-Level 2nd-Level 3rd-Level 4th-Level 5th-Level 6th-Level 7th-Level1 8th-Level1 9th-Level1
Detect Magic Detect Invisible Fly Polymorph Self Teleport Stone to Flesh Delayed Blast Fireball1 Mass Charm1 Meteor Swarm1
Hold Portal Levitate Hold Person Polymorph Others Hold Monster Reincarnation Reverse Gravity1 Clone1 Shape Change1
Read Magic Phantasmal Forces Dispel Magic Remove Curse Conjure Elemental Summon Invisible Stalker Limited Wish1 Power Word: Blind1 Time Stop1
Read Languages Locate Object Clairvoyance Wall of Fire Telekinesis Lower Water

Power Word: Stun1

Symbol1 Power Word: Kill1
Protection from Evil Invisibility Clairaudience Wall of Ice Transmute Rock to Mud Part Water Phase Door1 Permanent Spell1 Gate1
Light Wizard Lock Fireball Confusion Wall of Stone Projected Image Charm Plants1 Mind Blank1 Wish1
Charm Person Detect Evil Lightning Bolt Charm Monster Wall of Iron Antimagic Shell Mass Invisibility1 Polymorph Any Object1 Astral Spell1
Sleep ESP Protection from Evil, 10' Radius Plant Growth Animate Dead Death Simulacrum1 Monster Summoning VI1 Prismatic Wall1
Shield1 Continual Light Invisibility, 10' Radius Dimension Door Magic Jar Geas Monster Summoning V1 Maze1
Magic Missile1 Knock Infravision Wizard Eye Contact Higher Plane Disintegrate Extension III1 Monster Summoning VII1
Ventriloquism1 Darkness, 5' Radius1 Slow Massmorph Passwall Move Earth
Strength1 Haste Hallucinatory Terrain Cloudkill Control Weather
Web1 Protection from Normal Missiles Ice Storm1 Feeblemind Legend Lore1
Mirror Image1 Water Breathing Fear1 Animal Growth Repulsion1
Magic Mouth1 Explosive Runes1 Monster Summoning II1 Monster Summoning III1 Monster Summoning IV1
Pyrotechnics1 Rope Trick1 Extension I1 Extension II1
Monster Summoning I1

1: Introduced in Supplement 1: Greyhawk

AD&D: "Magic-User"[]

In AD&D, the Magic User continued to be the class most associated with spellcasting, knowing the greatest quantity and diversity of spells in the game. It was introduced with a full 9 levels of spells, including most of hte spells from OD&D, and a few additional spells. This was the intial appearance of many of the "named" spells from characters such as Drawmij, Rary, Mordenkainen, Nystul, and Bigby.

Ability Scores[]

A magic-user has prerequisite Intelligence of 9 and Dexterity of 6. If they have an Intelligence of 16 or better, they gain a +10% XP bonus.

Class Basics[]



Hit Dice (d4) To Hit AC 0 Spells per Day
1 Prestidigitator 1 20 1
2 Evoker 2 20 2
3 Conjurer 3 20 2/1
4 Theurgist 4 20 3/2
5 Thaumaturgist 5 20 4/2/1
6 Magician 6 19 4/2/2
7 Enchanter 7 19 4/3/2/1
8 Warlock 8 19 4/3/3/2
9 Sorcerer 9 19 4/3/3/2/1
10 Necromancer 10 19 4/4/3/2/2
11+ Wizard 11 16 4/4/3/3/3

Spell Book[]

A magic-user possesses a book of spells that records their known spells. They must consult this book to memorize spells.

Magic Item Use[]

May use scrolls, wands, staves, and many miscellaneous items.

Magic Item Creation[]

Brewing Potions[]

At 7th level, a magic-user can brew potions with the help of an alchemist. Brewing a potion requires an adequate laboratory (which itself costs between 200 and 1,000 gp, and a monthly upkeep cost of 10% of that total). The cost of brewing a potion equals XP value of the potion (one without an XP value costs 200 gp), and the time it takes to brew the potion is one day per 100 gp in cost. Various potions require certain special ingredients that often cannot be bought, that the brewer must acquire themselvs.

At 11th level, magic-users may brew potions without the aid of an alchemist. Recruiting one will reduce the cost and time by 50%, however.

Scribing Scrolls[]

At 7th level, a magic-user can scribe scrolls. Scrolls require exotic materials, including expensive papers, unique quills, and elaborately prepared ink, along with a ritual involving candles and magical circles for the actual inscription. The scribing itself takes one day per spell level that is being inscribed on the scroll.

Scrolls can be prepared in error, with a base 20% chance of some mistake in scribing, +1% per spell level, -1% per caster level. Expensive materials can reduce that chance further, while cheap ones may increase it.

You can scribe up to 7 spells on one scroll, though a mistake on one spell brings the whole arrangement to a screeching halt. 

Fabricating Other Items[]

At 12th level, a magic-user gains the ability to create almost any magic item, by use of the enchant an item spell (a 6th level spell). A magic-user cannot create books, artifacts, or relics. They also lack the knowledge to craft race-specific items, such as a cloak of elvenkind, and cannot make items usable only by clerics, druids, or illusionists. Items with permanent effects also require a permenancy spell (so wands and charged items do not require that). Creating an item will require rest for at least one day per 100 XP that the item is worth.


A magic-user of 12th level or higher may construct a stronghold and rule an area as a noble by clearing a 10 to 20 mile radius around the site of all monsters, generating 5 silver pieces per month in tax revenue.

Spell List[]

Reversable spells are marked with a *.

1st-Level 2nd-Level 3rd-Level 4th-Level 5th-Level 6th-Level 7th-Level 8th-Level 9th-Level
Affect Normal Fires Audible Glamer Blink Charm Monster Airy Water Anti-Magic Shell Bigby's Grasping Hand Antipathy/Sympathy Astral Spell
Burning Hands Continual Light Clairaudience Confusion Animal Growth Bigby's Forceful Hand Cacodaemon Bigby's Clenched Fist Bigby's Crushing Hand
Charm Person Darkness, 15' Radius Clairvoyance Dig Animate Dead Control Weather Charm Plants Clone Gate
Comprehend Languages* Detect Evil* Dispel Magic Dimension Door Bigby's Interposing Hand Death

Delayed Blast Fireball

Glassteel Imprisonment
Dancing Lights Detect Invisibility Explosive Runes Enchanted Weapon Cloudkill Disintegrate Drawmij's Instant Summons Incendiary Cloud Meteor Swarm
Detect Magic ESP Feign Death Extension I Conjure Elemental Enchant an Item Duo-Dimension Mass Charm Monster Summoninv VII
Enlarge* Fool's Gold Fireball Fear Cone of Cold Extension III Limited Wish Maze Power Word: Kill
Erase Forget Flame Arrow Fire Charm Contact Other Plane Geas Mass Invisibility Mind Blank Prismatic Sphere
Feather Fall Invisibility Fly Fire Shield Distance Distortion Glassee Monster Summoning V Monster Summoning VI Shape Change
Find Familiar Knock Gust of Wind Fire Trap Extension III Globe of Invulnerability Mordenkainen's Sword Otto's Irresistible Dance Temporal Stasis
Friends Leomund's Trap Haste Fumble Feeblemind Guards and Wards Phase Door Permanency Time Stop
Hold Portal Levitate Hold Person Hallucinatory Terrain Hold Monster Invisible Stalker Power Word: Stun Polymorph Any Object Wish
Identify Locate Object* Infravision Ice Storm Leomund's Secret Chest Legend Lore Reverse Gravity Power Word: Blind
Jump Magic Mouth Invisibility, 10' Radius Massmorph Magic Jar Lower Water Simulacrum Serten's Spell Immunity
Light Mirror Image Leomund's Tiny Hut Minor Globe of Invulnerability Monster Summoning III Monster Summoning IV Statue Symbol
Magic Missile Pyrotechnics Lightning Bolt Monster Summoning II Mordenkainen's Faithful Hound Move Earth Vanish Trap the Soul
Mending Ray of Enfeeblement Monster Summoning I Plant Growth Passwall Otiluke's Freezing Sphere
Message Rope Trick Phantasmal Force Polymorph Others Stone Shape Part Water
Nystul's Magic Aura Scare Protection from Evil, 10' Radius* Polymorph Self Telekinesis Project Image
Protection from Evil* Shatter Protection from Normal Missiles Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer Teleport Reincarnation
Push Stinking Cloud Slow Remove Curse* Transmute Rock to Mud Repulsion
Read Magic* Strength Suggestion Wall of Fire Wall of Force Spiritwrack
Shield Web Tongues* Wall of Ice Wall of Iron Stone to Flesh
Shocking Grasp Wizard Lock Water Breathing* Wizard Eye Wall of Stone Tenser's Transformation
Spider Climb
Tenser's Floating Disc
Unseen Servant