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Winter by sandara

A winter wolf

Winter wolves are powerful, huge, intelligent wolves, who have been entwined with the primal power of cold and ice, granting them a powerful breath weapon.

Physical Appearance[]

Winter wolves are large wolves, the size of bears, with pale white fur. Some adorn themselves with symbols of individuality, such as special markings or accessories. Others eschew such "modern" trappings. Powerful winter wolves may glow with a pale blue energy, radiating cold from their wild fur.


Winter wolves function largely like their smaller kin in combat, using pack tactics to bring down prey many times their own size. Against prey without any special resistance, they will employ their frost breath, blasting an area with cold winds and shards of ice from deep within their lungs, a place of deep primal magic. They are resistant to cold themselves, frequently risking catching their allies in the blast. However, they are vulnerable to fire -- their fur catches alight easily, and it seems to melt them down, affecting their elemental nature.

Mental Outlook[]

Winter wolves are intelligent and wicked, and they delight in the suffering and fear of their prey. Though as smart as any human, they are still wild and savage, embracing the primal spirit of the frigid wilderness in which they live. They find warm prey to be delectable, and take special delight in watching the slow hypothermic death of creatures which cannot escape.


Winter wolf packs are lead by alpha members that are slightly larger and stronger than the rest, just like regular wolf packs. If the hunting is good, they can be found in the employ of other wicked creatures of the cold lands, such as frost giants.

Enemies and Allies[]

Winter wolves are largely independent, but are not above selling their services to powerful creatures that may benefit them in return. Frost giants and white dragons tend to create good opportunities, but they are quite wild and unpredictable, leading to cautious, temporary alliances at best.

Winter wolves have few direct enemies, as there are few in their land that would dare challenge their authority. Still, some bold barbarian villages reward their young braves for bringing back a winter wolf pelt with piles of gold, and the pelts themselves are quite soft and lovely, fetching a high price on the open market.