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A wererat is a fictional creature akin to a werewolf, but shapeshifting into the form of a rat instead of a wolf. This type of therianthrope is rare in historical legends, but has become common in modern role playing games and fantasy fiction inspired by them. They are commonly portrayed as sewer-dwelling scavengers and opportunistic thieves.


There are some references to "goblin rats" or rat-themed yōkai in some Japanese myths that may or may not be the source for the wererats in games and novels. Brad Steiger has written about wererat sightings in Oregon, mostly by children. Some of the Benandanti were supposed to change into mice.


In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the wererat is one of several different types of animalistic forms. Not lycanthropes, for the word reflects a lupine, or wolven, form, but other transformations of the "were" species. They are also found in various games based on Dungeons & Dragons such as Neverwinter Nights.


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