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Werebears are the most well-known benevolent lycanthropes, creatures able to meld a humanoid form with that of a hulking bear.


In humanoid form, werebears completely resemble stout, well-muscled, hairy humans. When they transform, they will be bears somewhat resembling brown bears: big and rugged, though with fur ranging from brown to blonde to reds to ivory to black. Their "natural" form is their human form.


Depending on their form, werebears fight with weapons and armor, or with tooth and claw, or sometimes both at once. They are often accompanied by other bears, and they heal rapidly, even able to cure disease as if by magic.


Werebears are solitary individualists, rugged folk who enjoy the solitude of a deep forest. They have something of a sense of community in that they occasionally meet, marry, and rear young, but their parenting style is fairly distant and hands-off (though they are, perhaps unsurprisingly, fiercely protective of their young).