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Wendigo by mcelsouza

A wendigo is a strange, savage fey spirit. More a force of nature than a true fey, they travel invisibily and imperceptibly with the winter winds, only manifesting long enough to feed their constant hunger...or transform others into flesh-hungry wendigoes as well.

Cannibalistic Hunger[]

Wendigoes attack with gnarled claws and a hungry bite that bleeds. Those bitten by wendigoes are infected with a disease that causes them to eat their own friends and family, unaware of the event. Wendigoes regenerate most any damage done to them, but fire can cause them true damage.

Wind Spirit[]

Wendigoes are insubstantial, and can walk on the wind itself, turning incorporeal or solid rapidly. While wind walking, the wendigo is difficult to see, and can instill madness in a chosen victim.

Fey Magic[]

Wendigoes are immune to cold, but take extra damage from fire. They fly naturally, effortlessly, and have mastered spells of illusion, defense, cold, and force magic.