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Vigrid is the battlefield where the gods are fated to be slain at Ragnarok, the Last Battle. It is a great green field located in Asgard, home of the Norse pantheon.[1] It is roughly circular, 120 leagues (414 miles) across, and partially bounded by forests.[2]

The Bifrost bridge from Asgard is said to have one end lie between the plains of Ida and Vigrid. The citadel Himinbjorg is located there to watch over the bridge.[3] It is located between the bridge and the walls of Asgard.[1]

Visitors to the plain of Vigrid are said to receive visions of the future, including their own doom and those around them.[4]

The Vigrid Plains, a frozen tundra used for hunting in the Frost Lands of the Material Plane, shares its name with this field.[5]

Creative origins[]

In Norse myth, Vigrid (also spelled Vigrith or Vígríðr) is attested in the poem Vafþrúðnismál, where Odin names it as the place where the Aesir will fight Surt and the giants.


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