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Verbeeg are short, thin giants who lead other, dimmer giant-kin (such as ogres, trolls, and hill giants) into battle. Though short for giants, they are still much bigger than a human (about 8-10 feet tall on average). They have something of an inferiority complex about their "small" stature, especially when compared to the other giants they lead.


Verbeeg are clever, if selfish, commanders, pushing their larger, stronger brethren ahead of them, and employing ranged weapons (usually thrown spears) from a safe distance. They're also often better-equipped than their kin, employing shields, studded armor, and rather high-quality weapons. Most giants are known for throwing rocks, like mobile catapults, but Verbeeg are more like mobile ballista, firing immense spears.


Verbeeg are led by their shamans and their warrior-chiefs. Shamans orchestrate the magical side of a verbeeg tribe and so they are likely to have the magic items. In addition, shamans play the role of law and order inside the tribe; while warrior-chiefs play the role of negotiator and hunter to interact with those outside of the tribe.


Verbeeg are rarely found alone; much preferring to associate with big, dumb bodyguards. In all regions they live alongside hill giants and ogres; and they are often the leaders of impromptu bands of these creatures. They may also domesticate wolves and worgs. In colder climates, winter wolves and polar bears are frequent companions and allies.