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1 Slot
Intelligence -2

The character can throw their voice. Though not actually emanating from some other location (as the spell would), the proficient character can make this seem to be the case with a successful proficiency check. The skill has no effect on animals or unintelligent creatures, and the audience must be able to see the character in order to be decieved. Additionally, because the voice is not actually emanating from some other source, distracting a creature (by, say, getting it to look behind them when they're looking at the performer) isn't usually possible.

If the character wishes to make some object speak, a successful proficiency check indicates that onlookers believe it to be speaking. An item generally incapable of speech (such as a book or a mug) imposes a -5 penalty on the check. If the source of the sound is very believable (such as a human), the user gains a +2 bonus on the check.

The intelligence of the user also modifies the chance of success:

  • < 3 = +6
  • 3-5 = +4
  • 6-8 = +2
  • 9-14 = 0
  • 15-16 = -1
  • 17-18 = -2
  • 19+ = -4

A proficient character is still limited to sounds they could normally make with their voice (and thus can't roar like a dragon or such).

Skills & Powers[]

CP 4, Initial Rating 5, Intelligence (Knowledge) / Charisma (Leadership)

An intelligent or unintelligent listener modifies the check by +/- 3.  A long string of words will offer those listening a penalty to the check as well. The source of the sound must be within 20 ft.,