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This article is about Vali, son of Odin. For Loki's son also named Vali, brother of Narfi, see Vali Lokisson.

Vali is a son of the Norse deity Odin. He is the best archer, and one of the twelve most important gods who has a seat at Asgard.

Vali shares his name with Vali, son of Loki.


Vali is the best of archers. He is invulnerable to any kind of ranged or thrown weapon. [1]


Vali possesses Vali's bow, a powerful shortbow, and always carries magical arrows, including at least one each of an arrow of lightning, arrow of slay monsters, arrow of slay giants, and arrow of flight.


Vali inhabits his father Odin's realm, Valaskialf.[1]



Odin's sons Vali and Vidar are prophecied to survive the final battle at Ragnarok and rule the new world together. They will be joined by Balder, Hod, and Thor's sons Modi and Magni.[2]

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

Vali, son of Odin, is described only once in Deities and Demigods (3e) (2002), p.167-169.

Creative origins[]

Vali, son of Odin, appears in Norse myth. He has the same name as Loki's son Vali, and there is some confusion between the two.

In Baldrs draumr, the story of Balder's death, Odin is unable to kill his son Hod to avenge Balder, as kinslaying is one of the highest taboos. He fathers a son, Vali, with the giantess Rindr. Vali kills Hod while only one night hold. Vali is similarly described in Voluspa, the prophecy of Ragnarok.

According to the Prose Edda, in the section Gylfaginning:

"One is called Áli or Váli, son of Odin and Rindr: he is daring in fights, and a most fortunate marksman."

Vali's survival of Ragnarok is also documented:

"Vídarr and Váli shall be living, inasmuch as neither sea nor the fire of Surtr shall have harmed them; and they shall dwell at Ida-Plain, where Ásgard was before. "

Vali's mother Rindr is considered a goddess of the Aesir.


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