Dungeons & Dragons Lore Wiki

Hi, I'm BeardWizard. I took stewardship of this wiki in 2018 in order to create a dedicated encyclopedia wiki for Dungeons & Dragons canon.

While there were larger D&D wikis at the time, they were all either campaign-setting specific (like the Forgotten Realms Wiki) or non-encyclopedic repositories of fan-made game material (like D&D Wiki).

And while the better-known dungeons.fandom.com had over 10,000 pages, the vast majority of that was non-encyclopedic content (43.7% homebrew, 41.2% SRD/OGL). I determined that mixed content like this would make it more difficult for users to tell canon lore apart from fan-works, and that a dedicated encyclopedia-only wiki was necessary.

At current, I've been creating an average of 2.6 new, thoroughly-researched, properly referenced pages per day. However, I'm only one person. This wiki needs new editors like you to steadily build high-quality pages on D&D topics of both high and low importance.