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This spell turns a dead body into a zombie or skeleton that serves for a few hours. It's not a permanent undead ally, but it serves ably for a little while. The type of undead created depends on the condition of the body: a relatively fresh body will become a zombie, while a body without much flesh left will become a skeleton. In both cases, the body must be fairly complete and intact. 


  • Spell Level 1
  • School: Necromancy (specialists only)
  • Casting Time 10 minutes (1 turn)
  • Target: One corpse or skeleton within 30 ft.
  • Duration 1 hr + 10 minutes/level
  • Special Components: A pinch of graveyard dirt
  • Rarity: Rare


This spell allows even a low-level necromancer to have an undead ally of their very own for at least a significant chunk of the day. The ally is useful (if short-lived) in combat, and makes a useful tool for exploration as well, carrying supplies and checking for traps. A caster may use the same body over and over again as long as it is relatively intact.


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