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Ulgurshek is an ancient and giant creature residing near the Demonweb Pits. Due to its enormous size, its innards are considered to be the 92nd layer of the Abyss. It is a member of a mysterious race of enormous beings called the draeden.[1]


The mouth and main entrance of Ulgurshek is located in a massive chamber in the Demonweb. Anything placed in its mouth is quickly devoured, being sent into the layer. Due to its ancient past, Lolth occasionally consults the entity for strategy or bits of lore, and in exchange pledges to help locate other members of its race.[1]


Metal rods used as a focus to plane shift to this realm are especially rare, trading hands for as much as 40,000 gp. The Abyss itself resists travel to this layer and certain others.[2]



Ulgurshek is an ancient being, existing dormant during the formation of the outer planes. The abyss grew around it during its initial expansion, trapping the defenseless creature between its many layers.[1]

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

Ulgurshek first appeared in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (2006), p.126. It is briefly mentioned in Wells of Darkness, Dungeon #148 (Jul 2007), p.57. Ulgurshek was a rare appearance of the draeden, a massive miles-long creature which originally appeared in the Immortals Rules (BECMI) (1986), and which remains one of the largest creatures ever to appear in the Dungeons & Dragons game.

D&D 4th edition[]

Ulgurshek is listed in the Demonomicon (2010) in the list of Layers of the Abyss.


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