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Tyrus, nicknamed the Slaughterhouse of the Western Shore, was a city-state located in what would become the Pomarj of Oerth.[1]


Tyrus was a walled city which existed more than a century after the fall of the Empire of Vecna. Its ruler, Hamoch of Tyrus, was overthrown by an outlaw named Mace, who had acquired the Hand of Vecna from a waylaid traveller.

Mace used the Hand to tear down the city gates, inflict plague on the royal house and conquer the city for himself. The next day, he ordered the murder of all his former followers. Mace, taking the name Vecna II, ruled for exactly one hundred years, during which Tyrus became powerful but gained a terrible reputation as the Slaughterhouse of the Western Shore.[2]

Vecna II was slain by a Yemishite assassin when the Hand's power failed him.


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