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Template:Source Turaglas is a demon lord known as the "Ebon Maw" and the "Hunger Eternal."


Turaglas has two forms, one of which is a colossal-sized mass of shapeless flesh covered with eyes and mouths, like a gigantic gibbering mouther. The second one is that of a huge tuagathshnee (gangly, green-skinned tanar'ri demons spawned by Turaglas).


The demon lord Turaglas came unto power in the Abyss thousands of years ago, ruling the 32nd layer, Sholo-Tovoth, the Fields of Consumption. Not surprisingly, Turaglas came into conflict with his fellow demon lords for supremacy of the Abyss. However, Turaglas's habit of consuming his own minions as readily as his enemies stymied his own base of power. He fled to the Prime Material Plane to escape before his enemies could destroy him, and there he fed upon the world of mortals. A vile cult, the Feeders of the Ebon Maw, eventually came into being.

As Turaglas ravaged the Prime Material Plane with his incessant hunger, an unlikely alliance formed between the demon princes Demogorgon and Orcus. The Prince of Demons and the Prince of the Undead had their own plans for the mortal world, none of which involved having it devoured by an ancient enemy. The two demon princes attacked the Ebon Maw in person. When Turaglas's followers opened a gate to allow the Ebon Maw to escape, Orcus and Demogorgon corrupted the magic, sending Turaglas to a void, where he is imprisoned to this day. The combined cults of the two demon princes then hunted down and destroyed Turaglas's followers, hoping to erase the memory of the Ebon Maw from mortal memory.

Recently, a wizard was fooled into summoning Turaglas, who, despite being imprisoned, was able to manifest a portion of himself into the Prime Material Plane. Turaglas consumed the wizard and is now in the process of rebuilding his cult and escaping his prison.


The cult of Turaglas is called the Feeders of the Ebon Maw. Its surviving members were in hiding for the most part until recently. They believe the Ebon Maw is destined to consume the world, and they, the faithful, will be spared. They are also tyring to free Turaglas from his prison. One method to this end is a set of minor artifacts called the Fangs of Turaglas. They are a set of thirteen weapons which actually feed life force to Turaglas whenever they deliver a negative level or a killing blow. It is unknown how much life the Ebon Maw needs in order to escape, but the cult currently has recovered five of the artifacts.


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