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This proficiency allows a character to perform elaborate acrobatics for entertaining and to enhance their combat abilities. A proficient character who is bearing no more than a light load can perform acrobatic tricks such as handstands, headstands, dives, rolls, flips, somersaults, etc. They can also forgo all attacks in a round to improve their AC by 4 against single-target attacks, and, in unarmed combat, their attack roll improves by 2.

A proficient character can also make a proficiency check when they fall to reduce their damage. Falls up to 10 ft. can have their damage negated with a successful proficiency check, while those up to 60 ft. can have their damaged halved. Falls beyond 60 ft. cannot have their damage reduced with this proficiency.

Skills & Powers[]

CP 3, Initial Rating 7, Dexterity (Balance) / Strength (Muscle)

When adding to their AC, a character can move up to 20 ft. during that round.

With a successful check, a character can dodge through obstacles or dive through holes.