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The Tumbler is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings for gnome thieves. Tumblers are acrobatic theives who are adept at entertaining with stunts and physical skill, with a side of con artist.

Character Role[]

Tumblers are flashy and agile, filling the role of someone who grabs attention -- and, given their defensive abilities, often gets away with it. They have a history of entertaining, and often come from backgrounds of diversity and risk (such as growing up in a circus). In a party, the tumbler can access many areas requiring great balance and agility to access, passing through nearly any opening to find what they need.

Building a Tumbler[]

Tumblers need ot invest in a high Dexterity score, but are free to determine their other ability scores as they want. If proficiencies are used, tumblers might find benefit from proficiencies that allow them to exhibit their agility, such as Jumping, Juggling, and Tightrope Walking. As a thief, tumblers tend to focus on Pick Pockets, Move Silently, and Climb Walls. Tumblers are rarely found without a sturdy length of rope, to ennable swinging, hanging, and crossing gaps.

Game Rule Information[]

  • Ability Score Requirement: Dexterity 14
  • Benefits:
    • Gain Tumbling as a bonus proficiency.
    • When using Tumbling proficiency to improve AC, tumblers improve their AC by 6.
    • +10% to Climb Walls at first level, and +2%/level thereafter.
    • Against creatures larger than human size, a tumbler can roll between the creature's legs by making a Dexterity check. On a success, if the tumbler wins initiative the next round, they can backstab the target. If the check fails, the tumbler can be attacked (without the benefit of the Tumbling proficiency).
  • Hinderances: Open Locks and Detect Noise begin at 0% at first level.