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Tully is a human shadowdancer and retired adventurer.[1]

Appearance and personality[]

She possesses magically enhanced studded leather armor and a magically enhanced bastard sword, although she is not sufficiently trained to wield it in one hand. Her sword was forged by Durgedden, the famous dwarven weaponsmith, and is of exceptional quality.

She is chaotic neutral in alignment, but this is difficult to discern due to her ring of mind shielding which protects against attempts to read her thoughts.

Tully is protective of her village and local travelers, and is known in as a fighter. She is ready to join adventurers for backup.


A retired adventurer, Tully is a trained fighter, rogue and shadowdancer. Her ability in combat and stealth are noteworthy, and she is exceptionally dextrous.


Tully lives in the thorp of Ossington, a tiny village built upon ancient ruins. Ossington has a population of 74. She inhabits Dyson's Tower, the tallest building in the town, where she shares a small bedchamber with Dyson. Tully is knowledgeable about her local area and the history of the ancient stone menhirs.


Tully is in a relationship with Dyson, a male tiefling sorcerer and her former master.


Tully began her life as the cat familiar of Dyson, a tiefling sorcerer. Dyson used magic linked to the menhirs of Ossington to transform Tully and other creatures into human beings using a spell known as create faux human.

Tully acquired her sword in the Great Barrow, a dungeon north of Ossington, when she slew a skeleton clad in chainmail in the entryway.

Publication history[]

D&D 3rd edition[]

Tully appears in The Standing Stone (2001).


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