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Trolls are cruel, vicious giants that wander the wild areas of the world, preying on anything weaker than themselves, and frequently devouring it.

Physical Appearance

Your standard troll is a giant creature of yellowish-green complexion with thin, ropey limbs that end in savagely hooked claws. They have sharply pointed facial features, and walk with a hunched, loping gait, somewhere between a chimp and a humanoid.


A troll's most famous ability is their powerful regeneration, which can regenerate an entire body from even a small lump of troll meat. The only way to overcome this regeneration is by burning the body with fire, or immersing it in acid. Their limbs operate independantly of their bodies, even when severed (which happens frequently -- trolls have limbs and heads that have evolved to come off, since they can more easily regrow them), at least for a few hours.

A troll's combat strategy is fairly basic, however. As nearly bestial creatures, their main interests are food and mating, and they attack humanoids only looking for the former. They are agile climbers, relentless pursuers, and fearless in the face of all but fire.


Trolls aggregate in packs of about 3-12 members, with a female priestess directing them to food. They are rarely found far from civilization, as they see travelers as a convenient form of prey