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The Treetender is a character kit presented in The Complete Book of Gnomes & Halflings for gnome clerics. These priests have a druid-like reverence for the wild, untamed places, living in the forests like hermits and protecting them from encroachment and destruction.

Character Role

The treetender is very much like a gnome druid in feel, though more generally, these priests showcase a reverence for wild, untamed life. As a hermetic character, they are somewhat on the outside of many gnomish villages, but are an important part of major ceremonies. In a party, the treetender assists with movement through thick forests and is a fairly reliable healer.

Building a Treetender

Treetenders have little in the way of additional requirements, so they merely favor the same high Wisdom that all clerics favor. Forester and Navigator are good secondary skill choices, and, if proficiencies are used, survival-style proficiencies like Fire Building, Weather Sense, Direction Sense, and Healing are useful. Treetenders use weapons made of wood and stone.

Game Rule Information

  • Benefits:
    • Treetenders can use bows
    • Treetenders can gather herbs to make a short-term potion of healing. Making the potion requires 1d6+6 turns, and once created, the potion must be consumed immediately to be effective (largely making it useful when resting).
    • Treetenders can identify plants, animals, and pure water automatically.
    • Treetenders can pass through thick underbrush without leaving a trace.
    • At 3rd level, a treetender gains immunity to charm spells used by woodland creatures.
    • At 3rd level, and at each level thereafter, a treetender gains an additional woodland language that they know.
  • Hinderances: Treetenders cannot use metal armor, or use metal weapons where more than 10% of the weight is metal.