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Sperm Whale

AKA: Sperm Whale

Toothed whales are some of the biggest predators in the seas, consuming fish, sharks, rays, and, especially, squid, in great abundance. They dive deep to seek their prey, and use echolocation to find and pursue them. Like baleen whales, they are hunted for oil, blubber, and other substances they produce.


While no more aggressive toward humanoids than other whales, toothed whales may prove very dangerous to shipgoing hunting parties, as their immense size makes them more like seige engines than creatures. They attack with powerful charges, heavy tail-slaps, and bites with their immense, powerful jaws. When one member of a pod is injured, the whales adopt a defensive ring around the wounded individual, tails pointed out, ready to slap away those that try and prey on their podmate. Of course, humanoid hunters have exploited this tendancy to eradicate entire pods in a single hunt.


Toothed whales travel in pods, like other whales. Pods are largely segregated by gender, with females and young in one pod, and males of similar age groups in other pods. Male pods move fluidly between female pods, but rarely stay for long.


Like baleen whales, toothed whales produce many useful substances: oils, spermaceti, ambergris, and even fat, bone, and meat from these whales can be used.

Dire Whale[]

AKA: Giant Whale

Even these large beasts can have forms infused with primal mutation and magic, becoming almost 400 feet long forces of nature. Dire whales can crush entire fleets in a single rush, and their immense maws sometimes house pockets of air, allowing people -- even small towns -- to flourish in the gut before being eaten away by acid.