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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the Tiger Nomads, properly known as the Chakyik Horde, is a political state of the Flanaess. The name also applies to the tribes of nomadic horsemen who dwell within these lands.



The lands of the Tiger Nomads are generally located in the northwestern portion of the Flanaess. They are bordered by the Burneal Forest to the north, the Fler River to the east, the Yatil Mountains to the south, and the Drawmidj Ocean to the west.

The only major town with the Tiger Nomads territory is Yecha (pop. 4,100).



As of 591 CY, the population of the Tiger Nomads totaled 104,000 persons, the overwhelming majority (96%) being humans of mainly Baklunish descent. Halflings, elves, and other humanoids make up the remainder of the population.


The most popular deities among the Nomads are Istus, Incabulos, and Geshtai. Ancestor worship is also a common practice.


The most widely spoken languages amongst the Nomads are Ordai, Ancient Baklunish, and Common.


The Tiger Nomads do not have a formal system of government. The numerous nomadic clans are loosely ruled by the most powerful noble of the royal clan.

The national capital is Yecha.

Administrative divisions[]

Executive branch[]

The current head-of-state of the Tiger Nomads is the Unvanquishable Tiger Lord, Ilkhan Gajtak of the Chakyik Hordes.


The Tiger Nomads' coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, a tiger's head erased or armed argent and langued sable.



The Tiger Nomads are noted for producing furs and hides, and low-quality gems.


The Tiger Nomads do not maintain any system of standard coinage, as their economy is based exclusively on a system of barter. Foreign currency is sometimes used in towns, especially when dealing with foreign travellers.




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