Tiera Minuut is one of the few interplanar cities on the Elemental Plane of Ice .

Tiera Minuut is a great flying castle once watched over by a goddess of wind. Now, abandoned by the forgotten deity, it drifts over the Plane of Ice, a bastion of comparative warmth. It's still quite cold, but, by mortal standards, quite a bit less life-threatening than the rest of the plane.

The city is ruled by a Council of Nine, and has an open door policy, accepting all who would seek shelter from the cold. It serves as a trading hub, with trailblazing merchants that seek to exploit the natural resources of endless ice for their own gain more than willing to hire adventurers to secure some special material or item from the plane. Of particular interest are frozen ideas and concepts, thoughts turned into frozen chunks by the brutal cold of the plane.

The material known as "eternal ice" is also popular with the merchants here, as it has a practical use in cooling food and drink, especially for long-distance transport, or for use in exploring hot environments.