• Hey, thanks for stepping in and helping with the proper preservation of doomed Wikipedia articles.

    If you need any technical assistance with templates, running a bot, etc., let me know and I'll see if I can help. I am the Wiki Manager for quite a few D&D-related wikis and a bureaucrat on the Forgotten Realms Wiki, so the subject is near to my heart.

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    • Thanks! I'm glad I can help preserve this D&D content. One of the reasons I adopted this wiki is that a lot of Wikipedia D&D articles are being deleted on notability grounds lately, so a dedicated D&D encyclopedia wiki like this is increasingly important.

      I have a good understanding of templates and other technical matters, but thank you for your offer of help. Any feedback or contributions to the wiki will be welcome.

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    • Do you plan on porting over some or all of the Wikipedia templates that are used on the rescued pages, create your own, or just remove them?

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    • My intent is to convert infobox and citation templates into this wiki's equivalents, some of which still need to be defined.

      Most other templates referenced by rescued pages, I intend to remove using the Mass Edit tool or similar.

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    • If you give me a list of the templates you want removed, I can run a bot and remove them. Or, if you want to make a bot account to use for automated changes and do it yourself, I can grant it the bot flag.

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    • Do you have a way to remove all references to the 200 templates currently listed on wanted templates?

      Also, I've created a bot, User:RogueModron. Can you grant it the bot flag?

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    • The list of wanted templates would have to be converted into a list of regex strings (because some of the templates take arguments) and fed to a bot, so this would require some effort, but it could be done.

      I will bot-flag the RogueModron.

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    • Thanks for the bot flag.

      Perhaps an easier solution would be as follows:

      • Create new articles for all 200 WantedTemplates, all of which are blank (i.e. either contain nothing, or have only a brief note of their purpose in <noinclude> tags.).
      • Run a bot over all articles in Category:Rescued articles requiring attention to prefix all references to the 200 templates with the subst: keyword, thus replacing them with empty. (e.g. every instance of {{D&D-stub now becomes {{subst:D&D-stub.)
      • Mass delete all 200 blank WantedTemplates.
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    • Yikes, I would not want to create 200 templates. That would suck, unless you know of a way to automate page creation. Plus, you still have to find/replace all 200 template names, which is essentially what I proposed, just without the regex. I'll work on the regex solution and see if it is feasible.

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    • I believe I have a more elegant solution, assuming that you have some tool which allows you to run multiple find-replaces in a single pass.

      For each of the set of of the recently imported pages (here is a list), simply replace all wanted template names with their opening brackets (here is a list) with {{subst:EmptyTemplate, thus blanking the entire template even if it has parameters.

      For example, all instances of:

       {{Article for deletion/dated

      will be replaced with:

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    • That would work. However, there are a few that I'm worried about, like
      since searching for the first one will also find the second one. I'll work on it.
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    • Okay, I think I have a clean list of find/replace strings. I did two of them by hand because there was only one occurrence and it would have failed to be replaced properly. Others, I had to check and see if I could close the template with }} or add the pipe | to make the search string unique. I will run the bot over the 843 pages in your import list after I've had some sleep.

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    • Good point, I hadn't spotted that.

      I calculate that 17 of the templates to be deleted would cause this problem by being the start of the name another template on the wiki. Of those:

      • I have manually removed/fixed the templates R, Rp, IPA, See, and Wikia. I have updated the list to remove them.
      • The other 11 are Bgg, Div col, Dragonlance, Expand, Fiction, Further, In-universe, Merge, Mergefrom, Or, Otheruses, and Unreferenced. I have resorted the list by longest first. Assuming your script replaces one at a time in this order, it should be fine (e.g. "Bgg designer" will be fixed before "Bgg"). Alternatively, you could simply leave out those 11, as I could fix those few manually.
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    • Thanks. I checked my list against yours and we are in agreement. I also fixed "RPG" by making it case-sensitive (otherwise it would have matched "Rpg-stub" etc.).

      Unfortunately, when dealing with lists and computers, it is often not guaranteed that a list will be processed from top to bottom, because modern compilers know how to optimize for multiple threads/processors and take advantage of parallel processing. Hopefully, I have adjusted the find/replace strings to compensate for this. For example, I looked at all pages that use "Bgg" and found they all have a parameter, so the find string is "{{Bgg|" and the replace string is "{{subst:EmptyTemplate|". We shall see how it goes in a few minutes...

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    • The deed is done. I requested a cache update for the Special: pages so hopefully it won't be long before the Wanted Templates list is updated and we can see how well it worked.

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    • Excellent work, thank you.

      A few bugs crept in, but I've fixed them.

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    • Cache has updated. Looks like there are at least two templates that got missed. Some strange behavior with Template:D&D Deities.

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    • Cool, fixed.

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    • A FANDOM user
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