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The Tortle Package, released in 2017, was a digital supplement released for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition on the Dungeon Masters Guild.


The Tortle Package was designed as a supplement for Tomb of Annihilation (2017), and expanded upon the region known as the Snout of Omgar, an island near Chult.

The material provided for the region included:

  • details on the Snout of Omgar, including a brief history, adventure hooks, maps, random encounters, and breakdowns of notable locations on the island
  • a description of the tortle character race
  • three tortle NPCs usable as guides in Chult: Eeyal, Kwilgok, and Mudgraw
  • statistics for 5 monsters living on the island: decapus (with marine decapus variant), geonid, topi, tortle, and tortle druid


The Tortle Package was designed by Christopher Perkins, developed and edited by Jeremy Crawford, and edited by Kim Mohan. Richard Whitters and Shawn Wood provided illustrations, while Emi Tanji was the graphic designer. Will Doyle was responsible for cartography. The supplement was inspired in part by the Basic Dungeons & Dragons accessory AC9 Creature Catalogue (1986), and text from that accessory was also used in Tortle Package.

The supplement was released on the Dungeon Masters Guild in support of Extra Life, with all proceeds from sales going to that charity.[1]

Reception and influence

As of August 13, 2020, the supplement was an adamantine best-seller on the Dungeon Masters Guild.[1]

The tortle and tortle druid, as presented in this supplement, were later included in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes (2018).

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