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Athar symbol (black)

The Athar are a faction in the Planescape setting. The foundation of their philosophy is that the beings called gods -- Zeus and Thor and Pelor and Mystra and Bahamut and all those entities worshipped all over the planes -- are not worthy of worship.

Divine power, the Athar believe, comes from faith and conviction, and one need not worship a god to cultivate it - one can simply believe in one's self, and power all the divine miracles of any cleric. The gods falsely claim monopoly over this power, and act like petty tyrants, with holy wars and fragile egoes and totalitarian attitudes toward their worshipers.

Important Locations[]

The faction's headquarters in Sigil is the Shattered Temple, in the Lower Ward.

On the planes, their main center of power is the Athar Citadel, on the Astral Plane.

List of Notable Faction Members[]

Name Rank Race Class Gender Alignment Description
Terrance Factol Human Cleric Lawful Good A gentle, peaceful figure
Caylean Tiefling Ranger Chaotic Good Optimistic and cheerful
Hobard Githzerai Wizard Chaotic Neutral A pessimistic, drab figure
Tobias Gnoas Factor Human Cleric Neutral Proud, serious, and dedicated to the Athar. Runs the Citadel.
Garla Fistian Athaon Half-Elf Cleric Lawful Neutral Handles administrative tasks for the Citadel.
Ridgath Ro Bariaur Fighter Lawful Good Trains the guards for the Citadel.
Bria Mossiki Human Wizard Neutral Runs the library at the Citadel.