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The thanoi are a race of large, savage, walrus-people who dwell in the frozen regions of the world. Cruel and self-important, they delight in the killing of helpless things found on the ice, a way of exhibitng their power over others.


Thanoi are reckless combatants, more used to individual contests of strength than to orgnaized warfare. They launch themselves at their foes, relying on their bulk and strength to carry the battle for them. Frequently, they are correct in this reliance. They especially enjoy attacking enemies on slick ice, where their claws and flipper-pads help ensure better traction.

Some thanoi will employ hurled harpoons, and they also have developed a kind of flaming incendiary, a pot of flaming oil hurled onto enemy vehicles.

Thanoi who don't have weapons aren't at much of a disadvantage: their tusks are fearsome in their own right, as sharp and painful as any spear.

Thanoi are immune to natural cold and to magical cold, though they have trouble with high temperatures: they cannot live for long in temperatures abov freezing, and they are vulnerable to fire damage.

The thanoi make fast-moving sleds out of bone and wood, lubricating the runners with oil, to traverse long distances.Ice bears often pull these sleds.


Thanoi don't normally wear clothing, relying on their thick layers of blubber and leathery hides for protection. They may wear capes or scarves of bear or wolf fur, but these are more trophies than protection against the environment.

Thanoi generally employ fairly primitive weapons, relying mostly on their strength to attack, though their harpons are known to be especialy deadly.


Thanoi are lead by the biggest, strongest, meanest members of thier tribe. They appoint deputies from among their close allies.

The thanoi have a "priest caste" in their society as well: the eldest female of the tribe serves as the kagog, and learns how to cure wounds and predict the weather. Kagogs pass their secrets down to the next in their lineage, and no one else.


Thanoi often employ ice bears as mounts, to pull sleds, and as allies in combat.


The thanoi and the ice folk often wage war on one another. The thanoi are used in ice folk clothing and jewelry, while the frostreavers of the ice folk are employed by the thanoi in battle.