Template:Otherwiki is for articles which are outside the scope of this wiki because they are canonically limited to a single campaign setting for which there is already an established wiki.

In order to prevent duplication of effort, the D&D Lore Wiki will contain only short summary articles on these topics, preceded with the {{otherwiki}} template. If you wish to contribute to these articles, you should use those wikis instead.

However, articles with broader relevance are within this wiki's scope. For articles which also have pages at setting-specific wikis but canonically appear in non-setting-specific context, use {{Infobox wiki}}.


  • {{otherwiki|greyhawk}}
  • {{otherwiki|eberron}}
  • {{otherwiki|forgottenrealms}}
  • {{otherwiki|dragonlance}}
  • {{otherwiki|darksun}}
  • {{otherwiki|ravenloft}}

If the page at another wiki has another name, you can use a second parameter:

  • {{otherwiki|eberron|The Shadow}}


Thank you Drizzt! But our article is in another castle!
This article title refers to a topic contained entirely within another campaign setting for which there is an established wiki. To avoid duplication of effort, this article contains only a short overview. For a complete article, see The Shadow at the Eberron Wiki.

Other interwiki link templates

Interwiki link templates
Links {{ds}} Dark Sun • {{eb}} (Eberron) • {{fr}} (Forgotten Realms) • {{gh}} (Greyhawk)
Infoboxes/notices {{Infobox wiki}} (articles with equivalents elsewhere) • {{Otherwiki}} (articles exclusive to another setting)
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