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An infobox for linking to an article's counterparts on other D&D encyclopedia wikis. Place it after the main article infobox.


{{Infobox wiki


Each of the parameters is the name of the article on the wiki you wish to link to.


{{Infobox wiki

Current issues

  • Wikia blocks outbound links to Paizo's official Pathfinder wiki. All such links are currently being hijacked to point to the Pathfinder Fandom wiki, which has fewer articles and less active support. For this reason, and because Pathfinder RPG does not reflect D&D canon, this template currently does not include the Pathfinder wiki.

Other interwiki link templates

Interwiki link templates
Links {{ds}} Dark Sun • {{eb}} (Eberron) • {{fr}} (Forgotten Realms) • {{gh}} (Greyhawk)
Infoboxes/notices {{Infobox wiki}} (articles with equivalents elsewhere) • {{Otherwiki}} (articles exclusive to another setting)