Infobox for cities and other settlements.




  • Title: Name of the settlement. If left blank, will default to the title of the article.
  • Image: Image of the settlement.
  • Caption: Caption for the image.
  • Alias: (OPTIONAL) Any other names, nicknames or titles the city might go by.
  • Size: Type: e.g. village, town, city, metropolis, planar metropolis, or something else.
  • Population: Population of the settlement.
  • Realm: Kingdom or nation that the settlement is in, if any.
  • World: Planet that the settlement is on, if known.
  • Plane: Which plane of existence the settlement is on (default: Material Plane).
  • First appearance: A wiki-link to the first official published product where that settlement appeared.


|title=Free City of Greyhawk
|realm=Domain of Greyhawk
|plane=[[Material Plane]]
|first_appearance=[[World of Greyhawk Folio]] (1981)
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