Use this infobox for deities.



{{Infobox deity


  • Title: (OPTIONAL) If left blank, this will be the page title.
  • Image: An image of that deity, if available, or their holy symbol
  • Caption: A caption to the image.
  • Titles: A comma-separated list of titles which that deity is known by.
  • Aliases: A comma-separated list of alternate names or spellings which that deity is known by instead of their normal name.
  • Realm: The divine realm which that deity rules over, or plane of existence
  • Pantheon: Which group of deities they belong to.
  • Rank: Divine rank, if known. Usually one of Greater Deity, Intermediate Deity, Lesser Deity, Quasi-Deity, or Hero Deity.
  • Portfolio: What things this deity is the god of (e.g. knowledge, secrets, war).
  • Gender: The deity's gender.
  • Alignment: The deity's alignment, written in full (e.g. Neutral Evil, not NE).
  • Holy symbol: A description of deity's holy symbol.
  • First appearance: A wiki-link to the first official published product where that deity appeared.

Fields left blank will generally be filled with Unknown.


|titles=The Whispered One, The Maimed God
|pantheon=[[Greyhawk pantheon]]
|rank=Lesser Deity
|portfolio=Secrets, magic
|alignment=Neutral evil
|holy_symbol=An eye in the palm of a left hand
|first_appearance=[[Eldritch Wizardry]] (1976)
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