A template for crediting images on file upload pages.


  • Description: A brief description of what the picture depicts.
  • Publication: The book which the art was used in.
  • Source: Where the image was obtained from. Optional, but useful for linking to the WotC art gallery page or which PDF document the image was extracted from.
  • Artist: Name of the artist, and how they were identified (e.g. by signature or credit).
  • Artist_name: Plain text name for category use. If two or more artists collaborated on this work, additional categories can be added manually, e.g. Category:Art by Glen Angus. If the artist is not known, leave this field blank.


|description=[[Thor]], of the [[Norse pantheon]].
|publication={{book|Deities and Demigods (3e)}}.
|source=[ Deities and Demigods: The Asgardian Pantheon], Wizards of the Coast art gallery, 2002.
|artist=[[Glen Angus]], according to credit.
|artist_name=Glen Angus

Thor, of the Norse pantheon.

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