This template makes it easy to reference a D&D book.


{{Cite book|Dungeon Master's Guide (4e)|42}}
{{Cite book|Against the Cult of the Reptile God|12-14}}
{{Cite book|From the Ashes|18|sub=Atlas}}
{{Cite book|Edda||isbn=978-0-460-87616-2}}


  • 1: The first parameter is the book name. It should form a wikilink if the book is in the site's database. Where names clash, you will have to disambiguate (e.g. Player's Handbook (3.5), not Player's Handbook.) Try searching the list in Module:Book/data.
  • 2: The second parameter is the page or page range (e.g. 42, or 25-27). Try to cite page ranges to save people the effort of searching the entire book. In the rare circumstance that you want to use one of the following optional parameters without specifying a page range, leaving it blank is done like so: ||
  • Sub: (Optional) In the case of boxed sets which come with multiple books, you must use this field to identify the title of the book.
  • ISBN: (Optional) Only use this for books which are not in the site database. We may at some point add ISBNs to the database so that they will show automatically.


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  1. Dungeon Master's Guide (4e) (2008), p.42.
  2. N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile God (1982), p.12-14.
  3. From the Ashes, Atlas (1992), p.18.
  4. Edda[Unknown book]. ISBN 978-0-460-87616-2.

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