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This template makes automatic wikilinks to books. It's primarily useful if you can't remember the year of a product.

To automatically make a <ref> tag, instead use {{cite book}}.


{{book|Player's Handbook (3.5)}}
{{book|Dungeon Master's Guide (4e)|42}}
{{book|Against the Cult of the Reptile God|12-14}}
{{book|From the Ashes|18|sub=Atlas}}


  • 1: The first parameter is the book name. It will automatically form a wikilink if the book is in the site's database. Where names clash, you will have to disambiguate (e.g. Player's Handbook (3.5), not Player's Handbook.) Try searching the list in Module:Book/data.
  • 2: The second parameter is the page or page range (e.g. 42, or 25-27).
  • Sub: (Optional) In the case of boxed sets which come with multiple books, use this field to identify the title of the book.