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Taer are primitive, apelike humanoids that live in cold mountain regions and menace civilized folk there. In many ways more akin to baboons or gorillas than other humanoids, the taer noetheless have access to simple stone tools and a rudimentary family-clan-based society.


A taer is quite strong, and can hurl their stones and spears with astonishing power. Additionally, the oily, fatty substance that coats their fur and keeps them warm is quite pungent, nauseating anyone who comes near the beast. A taer is also very likely to use their environment well, employing avalanches, boulders, snowbanks, and pit-traps to gain the edge in a fight.


Taer are very superstitious. They attribute mystical signficance to metal and clothing, considering each alien and exotic and potentially dangerous. They worship a crude god of weather and snow, and transport massive stone idols of the deity with them as they move -- the bigger the idol, the more blessed the tribe is.