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Sylphs are fey spirits of the air, creatures of high mountaintops, fierce winds, and scouring tempests. Similar to pixies, but larger and wilder, sylphs spend their time cavorting in the breezes, wandering from place to place.

Physical Appearance

Sylphs are on the small side, standing about 5 feet tall. They possess gossamer dragonfly wings that are barely visible when flapping. Aside from the wings, they resemble small humans, though they may have exotic blue, green, or violet hair or eyes. They dress in flowing, light clothing that enhance the feel of the wind on their bodies.


Creatures of the air, sylphs rely on their airy invisibility, and their agility, to escape combat, rather than engage. If forced, they often rely on sorcery, specializing in the surprisingly violent spells of storms. They are also known to summon elementals to protect themselves, or to distract while they make a getaway.


Sylphs are wanderers and explorers by nature, traveling far and wide from their airy homes, often as quickly as possible. There is a "sylphmeet" every 28 years, where sylphs gather to exchange stories and treasure. Sylphs appear to reproduce via a small, pearly egg that hatches into a child, and they will make nests not unlike bird's nests when preparing to lay that egg.


Sylphs, as elemental creatures, share an intimate bond with air elementals. Fey creatures like nymphs and dryads are also frequent sylph companions.


To many flying creatures, sylphs taste delicious, and they are under a large threat from other fliers who may eat them. They are also often under threat from more civilized folk, who trap sylphs for dark purposes. The magic running through a sylph is powerful, and extracting that magic, or turning it to one's own ends, is the goal of many who seek a greater mastery over the air and sky. The magic is said to lie mainly in their dragonfly-like wings, but plucking these off is a sure a way as any to kill a sylph.