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In the World of Greyhawk campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, Stonehold is a political state of the Flanaess. The nation was formerly known as the Hold of Stonefist.



Modern Stonehold is generally located in the northeastern portion of the Flanaess. It is situated at the base of the Thillonrian Peninsula, bounded by the Griff Mountains to the east and south, and the Icy Sea to the north and west. The Hraak Forest at the base of the Griffs is claimed by the people of Stonehold as well.

As of 591 CY, the most populous towns are Kelten (pop. 2,800), Purmill (pop. 1,900), and Bastro (pop. 1,700). Vlekstaad once had a relatively large population for the region (pop. 2,200), but was attacked and burned to the ground by a contingent of warriors from the Rovers of the Barrens in 588 CY; it now supports a population of barely 700 inhabitants.



As of 591 CY, the population of Stonehold totaled 55,000 persons, with an overwhelming percentage (96%) being humans of mixed Flan and Suel ancestry. The remainder of the population consists of orcs, dwarves, and other humanoid races.


The most popular deities among Stonehold's citizens are Erythnul (promoted by Stonehold's leadership), Syrul, Beltar, Beory, and Obad-Hai.


The most widely spoken languages in Stonehold include various Flan dialects, Common, and the Cold Tongue.


Stonehold is an independent feudal monarchy with hereditary rulership, currently ruled by His Most Grim and Terrible Might, Rhelt Sevvord I, Master of Stonehold. The rhelt ("king") commands Stonehold's standing army, and maintains his near-dictatorial powers via his governance of four ataman nobles (controlling the towns) and four nomadic tribal chieftains.

The national capital is Vlekstaad.


Stonehold's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Gules, a sinister hand of stone couped above the wrist, clenched, proper.



Stonehold is noted for producing furs, walrus ivory, silver, and low-quality gems.


Stonehold's standard coinage consists of the gold giftring (gp), silver halefist (sp), and copper grimfist (cp). Coinage looted during invasions of Tenh is also in common usage.




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