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The spook spell frightens off an unwanted guest by putting a horrific phantasm in their mind.

AD&D 2e[]

Spell Level: 1 Rarity: Common
Schools: Illusion/Phantasm, Mentalism, Shadow
Components: V, S
Range: 10 yds Casting Time: 1
Duration: Ends on a save Saving Throw: Negates
Target: 1 creature with an Intelligence of 2 or more

The spell transforms the caster into something the target fears. The caster need not know what this fear is -- by casting this spell and advancing menacingly upon the target, the spell takes effect in the mind of the target. If the subject does not make their saving throw, it turns and flees at the maximum speed as far from the caster as possible (though it holds onto any items it has). The subject takes a -1 penalty to the save for every two levels of the caster (maximum of -6), and a natural 20 on the save automatically succeeds. The creature is pursued by a phantasm from their mind as they run (though the caster need not follow them), allowing them a new save every round until the spell is broken.