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A spell-caster is a character archetype in gaming with the ability (usually magical, but sometimes spiritual) to cast spells, based on the magic users of folklore. Spell-casters can take the form of sorcerers, wizards, warlocks and healers. Spell-casters usually are limited in the number and type of spells they can cast by an expendable resource, often called magic points, which generally regenerates with time. Often, these characters do not have direct methods of attack(or insignificant), and so rely on their special magical attacks and on other, more combative, game units to fend for them. Spell-casters generally have less health and are less tough than other units (for instance, the tank). Due to their high damage output but low damage resistance, they are sometimes colloquially referred to as glass cannons. They are also labelled as "squishy" by many game-players, due to the relative ease with which they can die due to low health.

In real-time strategy[]

In real-time strategy computer games, a spell-caster or spell-casting unit is a unit type which has special abilities which rely on some form of energy or mana. The term originated when many such games had a fantasy setting, but is now sometimes used in a more general sense in strategy games, regardless of the game's setting and theme.


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