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Soneillon, the Youthful Crone, is a female demon lord who inhabits Spirac, the 71st layer of the Abyss, though she does not rule there. She is the fiendish patron of rejuvenation.


Soneillon dwells on the layer Spirac, in the unwholesome depths of a mountain pool near the center of the layer; this pool rejuvenates years from a body each time a mortal bathes in the pool, but those who reach the pool must sacrifice a portion of their free will to Soneillon.[1]

Publication history[]

AD&D 1st edition[]

Soneillon was first mentioned by name in a list of demon lords appearing in the Monster Manual II (1e) (1983), p.35. She is marked as a lord rather than a prince to suggest that she does not have rulership over a layer of the Abyss. This distinction was not carried forward to later D&D sourcebooks, where "demon lord" frequently connotes the ruler of a layer. However, even in later works, Soneillon still does not rule a layer.

D&D 3rd edition[]

Soneillon in the Forgotten Realms setting is detailed in Champions of Ruin (2005), p.135-139. She is briefly mentioned in Impiltur: The Forgotten Kingdom, Dragon #346 (Aug 2006), p.70.

Soneillon appeared in a list of demon lords in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (2006), p.155-156. She is mentioned in the add-on article Fiendish Codex I, Part 2: The Lost Annals.

D&D 4th edition[]

Soneillon is mentioned in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (2008), p.55-56.