Snowflake ooze

Snowflake Oozes are a strange, almost beautiful form of ooze that lurks in freezing cold places. It resembles a large snowbank, but once it moves, it is clearly an ooze, as it obeys the same tactics of grabbing and constricting prey. Its body leeches heat, dealing cold damage instead of acid damage, unlike other oozes.


Snowflake oozes attack with the same grab-and-engulf model of attack that most oozes employ, but are aided with a few unique traits. It is airy and light, containing few vital zones to attack into. It also cracks easily with a bludgeoning attack, splitting into several smaller oozes. All the while, it deals brutal cold damage to those it is fighting.

Publication HistoryEdit

Snowflake oozes were first published in the Third Edition Monster Manual III.