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AKA: "Snow Ghosts"

Snowcloaks are strange aberrations that wander the cold highlands in packs, moving with the winds, and preying on anything that passes them.


They resemle something like a twelve-foot-long manta ray all pale white, with a grey underbelly. They have two eel-like heads with silver eyes, and they also have a long tail, equipped with a bony club. Their wings are tipped with venomous spurs.


When hunting prey, snowcloaks frequently employ attacks at a distance first, using spells to hide themselves and to weaken their prey, such as obscuring snow, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, and magic missile. They then attack directly, flying past and striking with their venomous wings, which renders the body numb and clumsy.

Snowcloaks have regeneration similar to trolls in that fire and acid deal lasting damage to them, but they otherwise can return even from death to fight on.